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ELD digital electric torque wrench


Small size, light weight and more portable
Adopt 220V 50Hz single-phase alternating current;
The LCD displays the preset torque of the button and automatically stops when the set torque value is reached;
Single speed design, compact design, light weight and good portability;
Digital display torque control system, output accuracy ± 5%, repeatability ± 3%;
360 degree rotating handle, easy to operate, adapt to different working conditions;
Electronic over-torque control system to effectively protect gears and mechanical systems;
Compact, durable gear system for easy maintenance;
No impact continuous rotation, the set torque value automatically stops, the efficiency is much higher than the intermittently driven hydraulic wrench;
Man-machine interface, LCD display torque value, no need to check the "torque comparison table" for analog conversion;
Industrial grade design, continuous use ability, fully meet the needs of production line assembly / engineering installation / maintenance;
The self-breaking carbon brush is used to effectively protect the motor.


Technical Parameters

ModelTorque range(Nm)Square COuter diameter D(mm)length L(mm)No-load speed*(rpm)weight*(kg)