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Series curved handle electric torque wrench


Wide voltage motor: 220V-240V, 50-60Hz single-phase AC;
LCD display, preset torque of the button, automatically stop when the set torque value is reached
Continuous rotation without impact, automatic stop when the set torque value is reached, the efficiency is much higher than the intermittently driven hydraulic wrench
The MCU is the core intelligent torque control system with fault self-test function and power-down memory function with an accuracy of ±5%.
Two setting modes, directly set the torque value or the system recommends the torque value according to the bolt parameters
Man-machine interface, the LCD screen directly displays the torque value, no need to check the "torque comparison table" for analog conversion
Double overload protection, electronic anti-torsion system and torque overload clutch for effective protection of transmission components
With two-speed design, the wrench can be switched between high and low speeds to improve work efficiency.


Technical Parameters

ModelTorque range(Nm)Square COuter diameter D(mm)length L(mm)No-load speed*(rpm)weight*(kg)
 ELC-08B 100-800 3/4" 88 429 20 7.8
 ELC-12B 200-1200 1" 88 433 18 8.0
ELC -38B500-38001-1/2"88490510.5
ELC -60B1000-60001-1/2"1295253.517.3
ELC -80B1200-80001-1/2"1295581.919.2
ELC -100B1800-100001-1/2"1295581.619.4
 ELC-120B 2000-120001-1/2"  129 570 1.3 19.5